Samsung will soon be able to sell laptops with OLED screens at 120Hz!

Samsung will soon be able to sell laptops with OLED screens at 120Hz! ...

After experiencing a laptop equipped with an OLED screen, it's very difficult to go back to the old IPS LCD screens, however good and reliable they are. Of course, the ZenBook 14 OLEDa is also available at a reasonable price.

Samsung is set to release notebooks with OLED screens, which have an amazing resolution and, of course, the ability to reach 120Hz.

So, on February 1st, we welcome the new Galaxy S23. However, if you thought that Samsung would only produce smartphones, you are mistaken. We will also see new Galaxy Books, which are also products from the manufacturer.

Samsung will include AMOLED panels (OCTA) in its new notebooks, which, in addition to being capable of reaching 120Hz, also provide a 3K resolution ( 16:10) as well as touch capabilities. These screens are also 611% thinner than previous generations.

This is important, not only because Samsung is planning to spend heavily on laptops, but also because it opens the way for more manufacturers to acquire this component from the South Korean manufacturer, further expanding OLED in the mobile world. Übrigens, the quantity of laptops equipped with OLED screens, or miniLED, has been simply astounding.

Now it is up to you to determine the price and, naturally, the rest of the specifications.

What do you think of all this? Is it interesting to hear your point of view in the comments box below.

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