Is THIS video game going to be turned into a movie?

Is THIS video game going to be turned into a movie? ...

Officials at Gearbox have confirmed in an aside to a press release that a film adaptation of Duke Nukem is in the works. It's not the first time the famous franchise has been associated with it. Last year, the Hollywood Reporter reported on a similar project. Only the confirmation was still missing at that time.

What is the significance of the film?

Legendary Entertainment is believed to be responsible for the Duke Nukem film adaptation at the time. The actors are believed to have worked on Dune and previously worked on the 2019 adaptation of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

PC game lovers are also familiar with the brand.

Is Duke Nukem a film? The adaptation (again) is still under consideration.

Duke Nukem is expected to make a film in the future. A number of producers have already been chosen for this new project.

Makers want to recreate Deadpool in the Duke Nukem film.

The producers of the planned Duke Nukem film adaptation spoke out about the immense obstacles that would be involved in bringing such controversial material to the big screen in an interview.

Adaptation was already planned.

It's not the first time that they've tried to bring Duke Nukem to the big screen. Already in 2018, they wanted to make a film about the character of John Cena. Unfortunately, the project ultimately failed. After Sonic the Hedgehog, the current The Last of Us, or the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film, Gearbox may want to participate as well.

A film adaptation of The Borderlands is on the way.

The Borderlands adaptation of Duke Nukem isn't the only one on Gearbox. It's also a possibility that a film will be directed by Tim Miller. The film is being shot by a number of well-known Hollywood actors.

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