Do you want to see Hogwarts Legacy in the future? Do you want to see No Harry No Hermione?

Do you want to see Hogwarts Legacy in the future? Do you want to see No Harry No Hermione? ...

For the first time, we were invited to the Mehr! Theater in Hamburg, where the musical about probably the most successful sorcery apprentice of modern times is presented, for the first time to experience Warner's "Hogwarts Legacy." They were never even born at the time of the storyline. Also, no Hermione and no Ron, since they weren't even born at the time of the film adaptation.

Several Harry Potter games have been released.

There have also been plenty of "Harry Potter" games. Between 2001 and 2011, Electronic Arts gave the characters, who savor the "Potter" universe, about a dozen titles. 50 million have been sold, which is still considered a decent achievement.

There are several LEGO offshoots that are worth mentioning, although they were also praised by the critics more favorablely. Also set in the Wizarding World are Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, which was released by Warner Games San Francisco in collaboration with Niantic 2019.

A new studio, a different approach

Avalanche Software, based in Salt Lake City, should lead the "Potter" franchise into the open-world age. Most recently, it was responsible for the playful implementation of various Disney brands such as "Bolt", "Toy Story," and "Cars." With the "Disney Infinity" games, which rarely goes around today, you have gained open-world experience.

To go to a new school is always a thrill. However, in the case of Hogwarts, the answer is different.

"Hogwarts Legacy" aims to make us apprentice wizards and invite us into an open world to witness our own adventures. In any event, the self-knitted heroines look fantastic and fulfill their purpose precisely: they are the first step in enacting a book plot.

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