Spells also impact the environment and puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

Spells also impact the environment and puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy ...

From our conversation with Troy Johnson, a game designer who worked on Hogwarts Legacy, we learn that spells will be used in combat, but also to solve puzzles.

Troy Johnson provided a particularly strong statement in our extensive interview on Hogwarts Legacy, although it was difficult to go into too much detail. The fascination stems from the fact that, until now, official materials such as videos and press releases speak of spells above all related to the combat phases, which are very characterizing parts of the game, but this isn't the only area in which magic intervenes.

Magic obviously plays a key role in a large and complex world like Hogwarts Legacy, where, according to the game designer, there is "a lot of opportunities to test different spells on scenery objects in order to solve a lot of puzzles".

"It was extremely important to me that if you decided to use a particular spell," said the game designer in the interview. "Precisely for this reason, the game world will offer various opportunities to explore and solve all of the little secrets that we have scattered around. "Precisely for this reason, spells will play an important role in solving them, as ways of interacting with very different effects."

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