Destiny 2: Shooter is offline for more than 18 hours

Destiny 2: Shooter is offline for more than 18 hours ...

After some technical difficulties, Destiny 2 is no longer playable.

Destiny 2's maintenance has been announced for the first time yesterday. A hotfix with bug fixes will be provided.

The hotfix did however create fresh ones rather than resolving problems.

More and more guardians claimed that progress had been reset, or that triumphs, seals, and catalysts had dissipated.

Bungie attempted to remedy the issue by experimenting with several possibilities in the hours that followed.

Destiny 2 is currently being rebuilt with a hotfix.

Guardians will certainly have to accept a rollback. Bungie states that players' accounts will be reset to yesterday Tuesday at 5:20 p.m., ahead of the release of the hotfix.

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