The Day Before: This is why the Steam removal reasoning is likely to be a flop

The Day Before: This is why the Steam removal reasoning is likely to be a flop ...

The Day Before, a much-anticipated video game, was not approved by the development team until now, according to a statement from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Are there any misconceptions about trademark rights?

An unidentified individual made an application for The Day Before on May 21, 2021, while the application from Fntastic was only received by the agency on January 27, 2022. In addition, the individual is said to have contacted Steam and is thus responsible for the fact that the game site has been suspended. The release of the game also has been postponed until November 10, 2023.

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The Day Before: Steam page gone, release is no longer expected

The Day Before, a survival MMO, is no longer a certainty; there is currently great turmoil.

Why I'm averse to believing that the Day Before would ever be released | OPINION

The Day Before is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the gaming year 2023. On Steam it was number 1 in the Most Wishlisted Games for a long time, and 220,000 fans are eager for the release on March 1st.

09:53Why I Don't Believe The Day Before Will Ever Be Made | OPINION

The Day Before is not a registered trademark, only a trademark. International trademark laws are complex, but a registered trademark ® enjoys greater protection than an unregistered trademark TM. If the product or service you came first suffers financial losses as a result of duplication, there are legal consequences.

On closer inspection, you can see that the linked product is an entry with a somewhat different product classification. That seems somewhat unlikely, especially since registration with the authority isn't the only factor in deciding who is correct in the event of doubt. The Day Before was already used explicitly for the video game before January 2022, which can also be proven by trailers and co.

This is why it is so surprenant that this story spawned such huge issues that could not have been anticipated prior to it, and which have now led to a Steam deletion, according to the creators.

Fntastic is not the source of the de-listing on Steam, according to others. However, Valve hasn't yet made a comment on the topic. We've checked with Valve and will update the article when we receive a response.

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