In a totally unimprobable game, Neo from Matrix is hidden!

In a totally unimprobable game, Neo from Matrix is hidden! ...

News A Neo Matrix game is hidden in a totally unimprobable game!

Published on 01/25/2023 at 14:28

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The NieR Automata anime's broadcast has been halted due to COVID-19, but another game by Yoko Taro is being discussed today again, for little known information to say the least... surprising.


The Matrix Could Have Been in... NieR Automata?!

Twitter is flooded with 'useless' gaming tales.

A Twitter account dedicated to news from the same name, Aaron & Tommy: Supder Pod Saga, has recently received a lot of attention for its striking one, Wednesday morning.

In all of this juicy info, we learn that a 3D model of the Neo Matrix character is included in the Drakengard game files, something that was previously quite bizarre at the start, but which was later confirmed by Yoko Taro, the creator of the title and the series we know more recently for NieR and especially NieR Automata. All of this, obviously, was in a strange letter from the Japanese author, bordering on the typical troll.

Neo from Matrix might have gotten a role... oh my gosh, NieR Automata?!

If you haven't heard about Drakengard, a brief explanation is appropriate. While the original game might have been a straightforward beat-em-up among many others, the Drakengard approach is unique in that it is directed by Yoko Taro, who makes a living from it. In 2010, he makes a name for himself with NieR.

Since Drakengard 3 was released in 2013, he continued to develop NieR Automata, which became a household name, which is quite enticing. In a completely uncomplicated manner, NieR's events follow one of the Drakengard Prime titles, resulting in the two games actually taking place in the same universe. It's the same thing between NieR and NieR Automata, whose stories are separated by many millennia.

NieR:Automata's History

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