Cities: VR Enhanced Edition, available now on PS VR2, will help you create and manage your dream city

Cities: VR Enhanced Edition, available now on PS VR2, will help you create and manage your dream cit ...

Mayors! From Fast Travel Games, Henning Sundell and Leon Andersson give a site analysis for the upcoming release of Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition. Be prepared to plan, construct, manage, and enjoy the city of your utopian and dystopian dreams as the all-seeing mayor both from on high and down among your fellow citizens.

With the addition of the PS VR2, you'll be able to construct the city of your dreams in a slew of areas.

So pick a location and begin building your city. We'll start small with some low-density zoning and simple roads, but as things expand, you'll have to start providing more...

Services offered

As you gain experience in the city milestones, services will be available – ensure that your citizens have access to these new services to ensure they have the best opportunity to live and prosper in your city! Prevent fires with your fire brigades, keep your citizens safe through your law enforcement, and treat the sick with excellent healthcare.

Just ensure that they are able to get to where they need to go via the...

Road simulation in advanced levels

Control traffic lights, intersections, and round-abouts are all there to help you get where you need to go, from gravel-filled country roads to six-lane highways.

Make sure you've provided ample...

Public transportation is a great way to get around.

As more and more people come to your new location, bus lines, ferries, and above-and-underground metros are available.


Zones will be your primary means of ensuring that your citizens in your city have access to housing, employment, and commercial outlets to live, work, and spend money. As they progress from you, watch them grow larger and more extravagant.

This means that you will need to maintain all of that money in order to purchase and operate it...

Advanced budgeting

Keep an eye on your income and expenses, increase and decrease taxes for several industries, budget your services as you please, and take advantage of many but definitively fair and beneficial loans offered by local banks.

Make your cities prettier with...


As your city grows and becomes vibrant down at...

Street View

Walk along your shoreside promenade, observe ambulances and police cars rush by to respond to whatever emergency they must respond to, and watch as your cities skylines expand, all from the same perspective of your visitors.


Urban simulation in depth

Every part, every decision, every taxation, every automobile, and every citizen are all part of a coherent whole, a living, breathing, realistic city.

This quick overview is hoped to be helpful to you, and that it has given you some motivation to get into the game and become the best mayor this side of the VR world.

Mayors, have a great day! Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition is available now for PlayStation Plus members for a 10% discount.

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