Dead Space's interactive horror experience includes PS5 haptics and adaptive triggers

Dead Space's interactive horror experience includes PS5 haptics and adaptive triggers ...

Motive is able to immerse players deeper into Isaac's thrilling journey aboard the USG Ishimura through the use of haptic feedback across numerous events, such as weapon shooting, asteroids impacting the ship, and Necromorphs attacking.

We wanted to give each one a distinct sensation and sensation in order to make the fighting Necromorphs even more enjoyable. Check out these immersive examples of DualSense controller gameplay here.

Plasma Cutter

You hold your plasma cutter steady and aim for a lunging Slasher. You press the trigger on the DualSense controller, feeling the weapon's vibration shortly afterwards. The DualSense controller trigger then resets for your next shot.

The flamethrower has the same trigger action, but with a minor change, as the ejected gas turns into flame.

The Pulse Rifle is a rifle that is used in combat.

As you pull out your pulse rifle, a Swollen swells up towards you, leaving only your remaining bullets to dodge the approaching threat. As you hold down the DualSense trigger, you notice it tighten with each shot fired from the rifle.

haptics of movement and ability

Isaac's magnetic boots are activated when entering zero-gravity zones. The player will notice the impact of each step as the mag boots engage with the floor.

Through rich haptic vibrations, players will receive the same real-time feedback as Isaac's Kinesis and Stasis modules.

Speakers in control are

Players receive valuable gameplay feedback from the controller's speakers when they perform certain tasks such as picking up items, replenishing stasis energy, and using their locator. These effects will be heard through audio throughout Isaac's RIG.

When Dead Space launches on January 27 on PlayStation 5, you may dive into this famous story and experience immersive DualSense controller haptics and adaptive trigger effects.

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