Mike Tyson was accused of abusing a woman in 1990 and was sued for $5.5 million

Mike Tyson was accused of abusing a woman in 1990 and was sued for $5.5 million ...

Mike Tyson is accused of raping an unidentified lady in the 1990s, and she is currently seeking $5 million in damages.

Jane Doe, a former heavyweight boxing champion, claims she was raped in a limousine after leaving a nightclub in the 1990s.

According to legal records, Tyson allegedly sexually assaulted her. Doe's documents state that she was depressed and addicted.

The unspecified lady stated in her affidavit that she was enticed to Mike's limo, who began rubging her and attempting to kiss her. "I told him no several times and asked him to stop," she said. "He then pulled my pants off and violently raped me."

The timeline of an unidentified lady's allegations matches that of a prominent case stemming from a July 1991 assault in Indianapolis. The boxer was later found guilty of raping Desiree Washington, a then-18-year-old beauty pageant contestant. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Her complaint was filed under the Adult Survivors Act of New York State, which allows sexual assault survivors the opportunity to file lawsuits over assaults that occurred decades ago.

The victim wants to remain anonymous throughout the case, because she believes that the public's knowledge of her identity would "present a risk to me of further mental harm, harassment, ridicule, or personal embarrassment."

Her attorney, Darren Seilback, screened her allegations and found them to be "extremely credible."

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