Nipsey Hussle's joke is being mocked by a family man

Nipsey Hussle's joke is being mocked by a family man ...

Nipsey Hussle was taken far too soon, and his legacy will live forever. Now, his name will be immortalized forever. A Family Guy joke about Nipsey Hussle has recently surfaced.

@lowkeykai_, a Twitter user, has recently posted a clip from a Family Guy episode that poked fun at the late rapper. The episode, which was released in April of 2021, is named "Young Parent Trap."

A family guy made a Nipsey Hussle joke that was totally out of pocket.

Another person wrote: "White people's display of mocking a really tragic event like that feels pretty horrendous, idk, feels like ridicule, remember these people created Cleveland and had him voiced by mike Henry." "I know damn well 'they' ain't trying to cancel Family Guy over a Nipsey Hussle jibe that was accurate lmao." Nipsey Hussle died in March 2019, outside his Los Angeles business, The

Eric Holder Jr., the man who murdered Nipsey Hussle, was found guilty of the rapper's murder in July of last year. He may face life in prison when he is sentenced on February 22.

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