The Endings of Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters

The Endings of Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters ...

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters has a number of endings, and obtaining most of them is required for achieving all of the game's trophies and achievements. We've created a quick, spoiler-free guide for acquiring all three Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters endings.

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters has three endings to unlock: a normal ending, a true ending, and a bad ending. The Normal ending is required to obtain the entire trophy/achievement list, but the Bad Ending is entirely optional, so you may skip earning it if you wish.

The process of unlocking each Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters conclusion is quite straightforward, although it's most entirely dependent on the in-game "Shares" mechanic.

During the game, you'll be able to see a little "Shares" gauge in the corner of the screen that measures the Gameindustri Goddesses' relative power against the rPhone's rPhone's. This percentage begins at 99:1 in the rPhone's favor, but grows as you progress in the story. It's also visible on the party screens.

The degree of Goddess-to-rPhone Shares during the final set of events leading up to the game's conclusion in Chapter 12 will determine whether you get the True, Bad, or Normal ending.

The various Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters endings are simple to understand.

The Bad End when the Goddesses lose the market battle with the rPhone

The Normal conclusion occurs when the Goddess regains their dominance and crushes the rPhone's shares.

The True Ending requires that the Share ratio between the Goddesses and the rPhone be equal in order to maintain healthy competition.

The following are the share ratio thresholds you'll need to meet before the end of the game in order to properly trigger each ending. Many thanks to Japanese website Game Tamashii and Grim Tsushin for assisting with the calculations.

  • Bad Ending = Goddess Shares are under 30%
  • Normal Ending = Goddess Shares are at or above 70%
  • True Ending = Goddess Shares and rPhone Shares are both at 50%

It's a real pain to get this even ratio since it's very easy to get over the Normal ending threshold by simply playing naturally. That means you'll probably have to artificially reduce your Share percentages in order to avoid a complete blowout.

You may alter your Share thresholds by doing several things.

If you play poorly, your Share ratings can actually decrease in Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters. You may also modify certain activities to reduce your Share ratings by a few percentage points. This will prevent you from having to "grind" your way to the True conclusion.

Here are a few suggestions for growing the Goddess Share rating:

  • Characters leveling up
  • Accomplishing quests acquired from Chirper
  • Liking “good” messages on Chirper (these are displayed with WHITE text)

Here are a few things you can do to decrease the Goddess Share rating:

  • Party members getting KO’d in battle
  • A party wipeout in combat (all three members KO’d)
  • Liking “bad” messages on Chirper (these are displayed with RED text)
  • Cancelling out of a Disc Development session

Cancelling a Disc Development is by far the most efficient way to manipulate your Shares downward. You'll need to have a surplus of DC points to be able to cancel Disc Developments in regular battle, anyway.

You should be able to reach this milestone and finish the game once more.

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC. Read Siliconera's official review.

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