TiTavion Returns From Athia, Here are his magical impressions!

TiTavion Returns From Athia, Here are his magical impressions! ...

TiTavion returns from Athia, here are his magical impressions!

Published on 01/25/2023 at 12:48

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After a few days exploring the captivating world of the title, what is in store? Spoiler: you will be confused!

Forspoken takes you to Athia, a once prosperous country that was thrown into chaos following the arrival of the Mist. A large portion of the animals and humans have been transformed into terrifying monsters, making crossing the territory particularly dangerous for anyone who dares to go there. Fortunately, Frey Holland has given birth to hope!

Frey is a young New Yorker who is entrusted with the fate of Athia by its inhabitants thanks to Performance Capture. The tale is told through stunning scenery that is punctuated by confrontations with giant lizards.

From the intuitive and fluid movement system to spell-based combat that adapts to your style of play, to the rich panoramas or the soundtrack by Bear McCreary (God of War) and Garry Schyman (Bioshock)... TiTavion reclaims all of the qualities that made him fall in love with Forspoken: an open-world action game powered by the Luminous Engine graphics engine!

In Forspoken, you can play Athia like TiTavion on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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