You probably don't know these are five peculiarities about the Batman Arkham series

You probably don't know these are five peculiarities about the Batman Arkham series ...

Batman Arkham is acknowledged as the finest video game adaptation ever dedicated to the iconic Bat Man DC Comics franchise. From the original Arkham Asylum until Arkham Knighteach episode, the series has become iconic to licensed games.

Fans of Batman Arkham Origins still fondly remember the games developed by Rocksteady Studios and WB Games Montreal, the latter of whom is responsible for the game's development. But the brand has become so popular in addition to the various historical accounts, background stories, and peculiarities that have further consolidated its popularity.

Arkham City is uninhabited and undead.

Batman Arkham City is well-known as the greatest episode of the series, capable of transforming the previous Arkham Asylum into a new dimension, and with Batman encased within the city of Arkham arose in the heart of Gotham City. However, the entire adventure was able to escape Arkham City through a glitch, which allows players to see and explore new areas of Gotham.

Only one person touched the cloak.

The Batman cape, which has always been an eye-catcher, is renowned for its unique qualities. At the time of Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady had a team of forty people working on the costume, which in turn allowed the garment to attain extreme realism.

The Calendar Man wishes you a happy birthday.

TheCalendar man, one of Batman's lesser-known antagonists, is linked to curious Easter egos in Arkham City. He usually commits crimes during the most important holidays of the year (such as Christmas or Thanksgiving), and by conversing with him on these and other holidays, a secret dialogue becomes possible. However, by setting the console's internal date to December 13, 2004, another hidden dialogue is revealed.

The Batmobile's heft

The Batmobile is one of Arkham Knight's most important features and has a significant role in gameplay. In the technical area, it brings out a few new issues aimed at highlighting Rocksteady's technological advances. A Xbox 360 would lose its capacity to cope with the load of the car and all of the game's components.

Batman's real name

The Scarecrowat's secret identity is revealed at a key moment in history. It's about the first time ever that in a Batman video game his true identity is revealed to the public, contributing to the Rocksteady series, which has gone further than any other videogame creation in the past.

After all of the trivia, it's time to discover why Batman Arkham remains the best superhero video game. Not just the Arkhams, either: discover how many Batman video games there are.

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