The Day Before: Steam's page is gone, and a release date is no longer expected

The Day Before: Steam's page is gone, and a release date is no longer expected ...

The Day Before, a survival game, should be released on PC on March 1, 2023. This is because of a lot of controversy recently, as The Day Before's Steam website has suddenly gone or been blocked by Valve. So what caused the change?

Is your business in jeopardy?

The Day Before, a survival MMO from Steam, was removed, and the relevant pages were blocked, according to Fntastic, a responsible development studio. According to this, the game's name is likely to be on the wrong foot, and the release date is to be postponed.

The Day Before was officially banned from Steam shortly after the release due to a private individual. (...) After the game was announced, the aforementioned individual before us had filled out an application to register the game trademark for The Day Before in the United States (...) We made the difficult decision to reschedule the release of The Day Before to November 10, 2023.

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PC game lovers are also a fan.

The Day Before is one of the most eagerly anticipated gaming releases in 2023. On Steam it was number 1 in the Most Wishlistd Games for a long time, and 220,000 fans are eagerly awaiting the release on March 1st.

Nvidia and the development studio FNTASTIC have released a new trailer for the survival game The Day Before, which will be released directly with DLSS3, in March 2023.

The chaos affects not only the game's actual release, but also the release of a new trailer. Originally, the developers planned to release a lengthy gameplay video with game scenes from The Day Before later this month. This also isn't possible under the present circumstances.

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