Volvo intends to commercialize a wallet-friendly electric automobile in 2023

Volvo intends to commercialize a wallet-friendly electric automobile in 2023 ...

Volvo has been a reliable supplier of electric automobiles, launching extraordinary 100% electric vehicles, such as the XC40 or the C40, which have been tested by our team at

Volvo is preparing to market the EX30, a 100% electric vehicle that should be lower than the ones already mentioned.

Volvo is gearing up to produce its cheapest electric vehicle, the EX30, using its own platform.

Volvo is developing the cheapest electric in the range, inferior to the XC40 and C40 Recharge. It is the EX30, which will be unveiled in June, and which will benefit from a specific platform.

It is also a 100% electric vehicle that follows the EX90, the top of the line presented at the end of last year. Which, in addition to renewing the brand's commitment to safety, also shows that Volvo takes electrification seriously.

The EX30 will be a (more) affordable electric SUV, while also being the smallest SUV in Volvo's lineup for years to come, being more targeted towards a younger generation and less wealthy individuals, but willing to venture into the electric game.

In other words, the EX30 was designed to be as cheap as possible, while without ever going against the brand's values.

The platform is SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture), also used by Smart#1, and should serve as a model for Polestar 4. This EX30 will be manufactured in China, and should reach the market still in 2023.

What do you think of all of this? Is it interesting? How affordable does this car need to be in order to succeed in the electric vehicle market? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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