The Day Before was a Bad Day!

The Day Before was a Bad Day! ...

Game news Bad news for the Day Before!

Published on 01/25/2023 at 11:49

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The first days of January, we began to see potential. The Day Before didn't come out in 2022, but the year ahead was bursting with promise. Fntastic's developers offered us a small treat to make our mouths water. It's possible to speculate that this month of January will be a significant event in the future.

The Day Before Prepares the Day After

Fntastic, a massive multiplayer online game that has promised a world comparable to The Last of Us, has something to make players dream. We did not hesitate to add the game to the Steam wishlist, no matter how long it took to release it.

The Day Before's developers have chosen to postpone their release on more than one occasion. We don't know what the teams have done, but the game's development is far from perfect. As a result, communication around the game was often stale.

Disillusionment in the Week After

The Day Before was planned to debut on PC and next-gen consoles just a few days before spring, but we are still far from the bud ready to release its petals.. Quite a surprise, as the lights seemed to be green at the sight of his recent return to the news: a short gameplay sequence promising us to release visuals illustrating a wide spectrum of the game's features and elements.

The Day Before, the game's Steam page is simply inaccessible due to unexpected legal difficulties.

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