Android 14 will be a step closer to iOS

Android 14 will be a step closer to iOS ...

Android 14 will become more secure.

Apple is preparing to allow third-party applications to be installed, while Google is loosing the screws a bit. According to the new Android 14 documentation, the system will prohibit the installation of APK files and applications intended for earlier versions of the OS: "malicious software may exploit vulnerabilities that weren't discovered at the time."

Despite the fact that this is another step towards removing the system from user intervention, the company realizes that the openness of the system that paved the way for Android to develop has already become one of the main issues at this stage of development: you may still install an outdated application via the command line using a new flag, which significantly reduces the likelihood for unexperienced users to install dangerous software.

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Oleksandr Kovalenko, the author, has announced his publication date for the 01/25/2023.

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