LoL is the victim of a massive hack with a ransom demand in GTA 6

LoL is the victim of a massive hack with a ransom demand in GTA 6 ...

GTA 6 is the victim of a massive hack with a ransom demand!

Published on 01/25/2023 at 10:44

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Riot Games has decidedly encountered problems. They had to make changes and implement a internal reorganization, which resulted in the dismissal of just under fifty employees. A few days later, Riot Games is again in the headlines for a completely different reason: a massive hack, like GTA 6, that resulted in a ransom demand!

Hackers have obtained access to LoL and TFT source codes!

League of Legends developers spoke on social media, especially on Twitter, to express the somewhat dire situation they are currently experiencing in the company. This wave of departures followed "strategic changes" in order to "refine the studio's focus" in some areas, as Rockstar Games did last October!

The developers wanted to keep players informed about this incident since the hackers decided to extortion Riot Games' ransom payments or disclosure of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics source codes! Beyond the source code of these two titles, the hackers got their hands on sensitive data about the anti-cheat system!

Things will improve little by little, as with Rockstar and GTA.

The news of the planned Grand Theft Auto VI incident shook our hearts, but the developers fought back and focused on developing one of the most anticipated games of the future. As a result, Riot Games has already dealt with social engineering breaches.

Riot Games will release a patch later this week, but updates will only be available once the system is secure. In short, the teams allow themselves time to master the situation, but ultimately, there was more danger than harm.

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