Destiny 2: The server behind the scenes has been down for hours

Destiny 2: The server behind the scenes has been down for hours ...

This old adage came true again today in Destiny 2. An error occurred during Tuesday's maintenance, and the servers are still offline.

Last night's weekly server maintenance for Destiny 2 went haywire. The imported hotfix was faulty and resulted in players losing their progress on triumphs, seals, and catalysts.

Bungie reacted fairly swiftly and took the servers offline, and this is still the situation as the developers strive for a resolution to the problem. At least Bungie kept the community updated via Twitter, but a solution is still being tested.

As soon as the actual issue is resolved, Bungie will restore the server to pre-hotfix state. According to the latest Twitter reports, this can last until around 1 or 2 p.m. today.

Hotfix, which is quite extensive, was intended to fix minor issues, modify some weapons, and enhance skills in preparation for the release of the new Lightfall expansion on February 28th.

A drop of regret for the players, who have received a lot of good news about Destiny 2 in the last few days, including the new mod system and new loadouts, the new raid start date, and a brand new trailer:

Neomuna-Trailer in Destiny 2: Lightfall

The new trailer for the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion depicts a new destination: Neomuna, a futuristic skyscraper and neon lights. The trailer also depicts the scale of Calus' invasion of Neomuna and the Guardians' battle with the new Darkness subclass, Strang.

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