How to Get the Giganto Boss in Sonic Frontiers Quicker

How to Get the Giganto Boss in Sonic Frontiers Quicker ...

In Sonic Frontiers, speedrunners have discovered a quick way to Giganto's first boss.

The blue hedgehog could for the first time in Sonic Frontiers, as well as use it to explore hidden gems or the henchmen of Dr. make robotics. While director Morio Kishimoto recommended an average gameplay time of 20 to 30 hours, speedrunners are all about completing a game in the shortest time, in part by exploiting bugs and glitches.

In Sonic Frontiers, a new glitch allows you to get to the first boss Giganto quicker than planned.

HyperBE32, a user on Kronos Island, shared a picture on Twitter showing how a glitch can get the first boss Giganto to work faster than planned. He used the winged, pointed platforms of a challenge puzzle on Kronos Island.

Instead of solving the puzzle for the highest platform, he waited and used the stomp attack on the descending platform to be thrown to incredible heights at the right moment by holding down the jump button.

HyperBE32 was able to enter the boss arena in advance to face off against Giganto thanks to a quick landing.

The second video comprehends how to perform the trick by yourself. An Xbox controller has been shown here, displaying the button press. Other users provided suggestions to improve the execution.

Sonic Frontiers is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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