Beverly Carters Killer: Where is Crystal Lowery today?

Beverly Carters Killer: Where is Crystal Lowery today? ...

Beverly Carter, an Arkansas realtor, was mysteriously disappeared in September 2014. Four days later, her body was discovered at a concrete plant in a nearby town thanks to the quick thinking and efforts of the authorities, they were soon apprehended.

NBC's 'Dateline: The Client' explores how the former refused to admit to the crime, yet his spouse's cooperation eventually aided the cops in bolstering the case. Now, here are all the information you need to know about Crystal's role in the murder and where she is located.

Crystal Lowery, who is she?

Crystal Lowery was born on February 3, 1973 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and has three children from previous relationships. In 2014, she moved to Jacksonville, Arkansas, and studied Nursing at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. In March of the following year, Crystal began dating Jacksonville resident Arron Lewis.

Crystal filed for divorce from Arron in October 2014, citing his previous criminal history as one of the reasons. On September 29, 2014, authorities tracked Beverly Carter's body in a shallow grave in Cabot, Little Rock.

Crystal was initially suspected of arranging and executing the murder with a man named Trevor, but the latter was soon cleared of all suspicions. She later accepted a plea deal to testify against her ex-husband in a 2016 trial. She confessed that she and Arron were struggling with finances.

Crystal said the couple plotted to kidnap a married couple who worked alone and kidnap her for ransom two weeks before Beverly's death. Arron kidnapped Beverly, bound her with duct tape, and put her in his car trunk.

Beverly and Crystal returned to their Jacksonville home to retrieve her purse and bank card, knowing that it was their last move. Soon, Arron feared that Beverly would recognize him in front of the cops since she had seen his face.

Crystal believed the victim saw her name on the prescription medication in the bathroom. The couple panicked about what to do and decided it was best to get rid of Beverly. According to Crystal, she did not participate in the crime but accompanied Arron to buy a shovel and topsoil to dispose of the body.

Crystal led Beverly to a shallow grave before Arron laid the victim's exiled wife's testimony. Police determined there was enough evidence against the Jacksonville resident to file a lawsuit against him.

What happened to Crystal Lowery today?

Crystal Lowery confessed to her former husband, Arron Lewis, in 2016. He reduced her sentence to 30 years in prison, although he claimed she had an affair. Besides, he claimed to have accepted kidnapping Crystal, who he claimed was responsible for the killing.

Arron's allegations were found to be incorrect and he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Crystal applied for clemency in March 2020, saying she would pay her death to 15 years in prison. However, she remains incarcerated at the Wrightsville Women's Facility in Wrightsville, Arkansas.

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