Is the Netflix show Against the Ropes based on a true story?

Is the Netflix show Against the Ropes based on a true story? ...

'Against the Ropes' (originally titled Contra las cuerdas) is a Mexican comedy-drama series that follows ngela, who has been released from prison. Unexpectedly, the task is not as easy, as the young girl now idolizes her father's new girlfriend and famous luchador, Candy Caramelo. However, when ngela discovers her daughter's love of lucha libre wrestling, she enters the ring as

The lucha libre wrestling scene leaves Roco wondering if her mother is aware of her arrest.

Is Against the Ropes a True Story?

'Against the Ropes' isn't based on a true story. Olfa Masmoudi, Andre Palavicini Blanco, Carmen Castro, Cynthia Fernández Trejo, and Carolina Rivera contributed to the show's varied narrative.

Caraly Sánchez, who reviews ngela, said in an interview with Super Luchas that the cast and crew trained with professional WWE and lucha libre wrestlers. This included prominent female luchadors like Ludark, Stephanie Vaquer, Theris, Goddess Nix, Brigit The Celtic Goddess, and Lady Apache.

'I admire all of them, respect them, and love them all,' said the actress.

Norman Smiley and Rey Mysterio, both WWE wrestlers, play in the Netflix series alongside lucha libre, which has grown to become the largest professional wrestling organization in the world. Sánchez described them as "black Magic," as the one who was "supervising everything and helping us."

"Rey Mysterio was nervous about recording, and I said, "It's not what I do." and he said, "Well, it's the same, I don't do this," and he said, "But as long as we give ourselves the opportunity to excel," and he was our cheerleader."

Sánchez stated that the show aims to raise awareness of women's wrestling and highlight the issues faced by female wrestlers in the sport. Not just that, but the program light-heartedly explores the difficult yet powerful bonds that mothers and daughters hold.

'Against the Ropes' may not be based on a real lucha libre wrestler's life, but it portrays Mexican culture and history authentically, with wrestling and female friendships at the center. The actors' professional training have helped them bring the narrative to life and make their characters even more compelling.

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