Finding Ryuki! The Kengan Omega Chapter 194 is out now

Finding Ryuki! The Kengan Omega Chapter 194 is out now ...

Gaoh Ryuki has gone somewhere and no one has any clue about his whereabouts. The members of the association did have a track of him during a time, but the signals went off after a point, and there was no information on the man. Kengan Omega Chapter 194 is in line with a final release date for the week. The characters will be exploring his actual location.

Fans will be able to recapture some interesting information in the next chapter. These might be in keeping with Gaoh's actual location. There may come a time when we will also discover the real culprits within the association.

What Will Happen Next in Kengan Omega Chapter 194?

Goah Ryuki's major concern in the previous chapter was his loss in the previous match. Even Koga ended his career in disrepute, so he went back and saw the members of the association. Katahara Retsudo has received bad news.

The man mentioned to the members of the Kengan Association that they only had a single location about Ryuki. So, where did the man go? That is the main focus of Kengan Omega Chapter 194, so keep an eye on the contents.

Recap of a Previous Chapter

Kengan Omega Chapter 193's title was "I'll Be Back." Lihito was enraged throughout the fight, but it was never overpowering. Everyone could see that Koga was quite engulfed in the whole situation.

Narushima Koga is lying in a quiet place all by himself. Two journalists saw him and immediately spoke to him. They said he believed Ryuki had gone through a crisis since the conflict. Even the summer had come to an end and Ryuki had not returned. The chapter came to an end when they met with the association about the location where Ryuki was last seen.

Kengan Omega Chapter 194: When Will It Be Released?

The next chapter of Kengan Omega Chapter 194 will be released this week, according to fans of the manga. Only the official Kodansha pages will be available.

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