Revenger Episode 4: Ask You Shall Receive! The Release Date

Revenger Episode 4: Ask You Shall Receive! The Release Date ...

This week is Revenger Episode 4, which is in line with a final release date. Sakata is the main character that everyone is after right now. This is the latest game that the group of Revengers is working on. And Usui made it very clear that he wants no part of anyone in this game. Thus, he is personally keeping an eye on everything.

What Happened Next in Revenger Episode 4?

The new episode will be titled "Ask, and You Shall Receive." It was apparent that Usui did not want Kurima to be involved in any business that was related to the Revengers. Right now, the group is attempting to eliminate Sakata. The main concern here is what might happen when the guy is no longer there.

In the next episode, the gateway to a slew of difficulties will be opened. The group of goons is unlikely to spare anyone from killing their leader. Thus, Revenger Episode 4 will pave the path for the anime's original narrative to unfold.

Recap of the Previous Episode

Revenger Episode 3's title was "Fortune Is Fickle and Blind." Nio and Kurima went on a tour around Nagisaki's town. Usui then assists Kurima in getting into their room of Soji. There was speculation that Kurima was involved in Hirata's killing. The authority then informed him that Sakata's masters were now hiring Revengers.

Soji made the decision that he would work on the opium smuggling operation later on. The intention was to cover the operation and conceal it from the authorities. The last act of the episode opened new possibilities. Teppa states to Usui that Kurima should not be included in the Revengers project.

Release Date for Revenger Episode 4 Release Dates for Revenger Episode 4

The next installment of Revenger is expected to be released in the next two days. So, the final release date for Revenger Episode 4 is January 26, 2023. We will update this section as soon as more information is available.

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