A War Is Starting! The Release Date for Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68 is Here!

A War Is Starting! The Release Date for Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68 is Here! ...

The good news of the week is that there will be no planned interruption in the release of the new chapter. So, in line with the final date, is Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68. Despite the fact that Jacob appeared to be the calmest in the whole situation, Bianca was even attempting to disrupt the invasion.

Fans may see the details of the ongoing conflict in the new plotline. Arno has no intentions of halting his efforts at any cost. However, there will come a time when both kingdoms notice a lot of damage in the battles that unfold over the years.

What Will Happen Next In Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68?

The title and plot details of the new chapter have not been released in the public domain. Fans may have to wait for a while to catch up with the previous one. So now, Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68 will begin with Bianca taking a stand for herself. Even though her kingdom is being invaded, she might not allow the others to deprive her of her dignity.

The whole book of Jacob will be revealed in the first paragraph. There are good chances that he might have been the murderer in the plot. However, there is no clue as to how he got the whole story to so many people.

Recap of a Previous Chapter

The first scene of the 67th chapter of Marriage Of Convenience saw a conversation between Count Blanchefort and Count Arno. The death of Royal Highness Gautier The First was a serious event for the whole country. The position of the Heir Of The Throne was still vacant.

The last scene of the chapter was about Bianca being chastised by Jacob for being the ruler of the Kingdom that would be invaded.

Release Date for Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68

The final release dates of manhwa chapters are difficult to predict accurately. However, the next one might be released in the next two days. The majority of manga chapters are available only on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage's official pages.

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