Eleceed Chapter 230: New Characters! Release Date and Plot

Eleceed Chapter 230: New Characters! Release Date and Plot ...

The next plotline will return to its Force arc. Subin will find her way home. However, Jiwoo must find a way to deal with his loss. Let's see!

What Happened Next in Eleceed Chapter 230?

Jiwoo Seo will continue to focus on the 230th chapter. Subin rehearses his training. Jiwoo is careful to maximize his energy and maintains his composure. During the training, he still relies on Kayden and Curtain.

Kayden tells Jiwoo that he must concentrate on his powers before facing Force again.

A Quick Recap

Subin's grandfather seemed surprised when he learned that he was no longer experiencing any pain like he used to. He believed that Dr Delein was the finest healer of all time, but he only managed to partially heal him.

Kayden was surprised when Subin appeared at Jiwoo's house with snacks and promised to continue to support her. She believed Curtain had a crush on him, causing her to cry.

Release Date for Eleceed Chapter 230

Jiwoo may need to self-assure before he can face a new foe. Further, the chapter will introduce another awakener. It will be introduced in Eleceed Chapter 230, which will be released on January 26, 2023. It may also be found on the Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Keep an eye on List23.

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