Kurose Returns Home? Release Date & More for Boys Abyss Chapter 123

Kurose Returns Home? Release Date & More for Boys Abyss Chapter 123 ...

The previous chapter of Boy's Abyss was a lengthy one that dealt with Nagi's father's death. The reader's reaction was profound. However, Boy's Abyss Chapter 123 will concentrate on Kurose's actions. Currently, readers are in great suspense and mystery about what might happen next. However, there are also many questions to be answered.

Kurose's mother appears to have a greater role to play than one might have assumed, according to chapter 122. However, will Kurose's mother go so far? Some questions will only be answered when chapter 123 is released. The next chapter will also cover Shibasawa and Sakuko's roles soon.

What Happened Next in Boy's Abyss Chapter 123?

Kurose will learn more about his mother and her role in the message in chapter 123. Moreover, it will be interesting to see how Kurose deals with Sakuko and Shibasawa for playing as his mother's pawns in the current chapter. However, the question remains whether Kurose will turn back and return to the position he has chosen.

Nagi will also see her father in the hospital and confront him. The next chapter may be somewhat emotional, but it will reveal the bond between the father and daughter.

Recap of a Previous Episode

Nagi asks Gen why she hasn't seen Gen in years. Her father tells Nagi that she doesn't have Gen. this whole time. At the same time, Kurose receives a message at the train station. Shibasawa happens to be the one sending the message.

Shibasawa tells Kurose that his mother requested that he return, hoping that it would persuade him to do so. Sakuko also had a role to play in the message. However, Kurose finally realizes that his mother was the reason for the message.

Release Date for Boy's Abyss Chapter 123

Boy's Abyss Chapter 123 will be released on January 26, 2023, at 12 pm JST. It will be available on Viz Media or the Weekly Shounen Jump Magazine. We will update this section with updated information as soon as possible.

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