What if Rick & Morty's cult series stops streaming? A very dirty tale was revealed by the co-creator of the popular series

What if Rick & Morty's cult series stops streaming? A very dirty tale was revealed by the co-creator ...

What if Rick & Morty's career had to come to an end? The co-creator of the popular show discovered a very dark transpiration.

Published on 01/25/2023 at 11:30

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Adult Swim has announced that it would be ending its collaboration with Rick & Morty's creator and principal voice actor, but that does not mean that the series will be terminated.

Justin Roiland is the main voice actor for the Rick & Morty animated series, which is currently indicted on numerous charges. The team that created the series Adult Swim has announced that they will leave him but continue to work on it.

Justin Roiland has been charged and Adult Swim has separated from him.

Justin Roiland has been charged by the Orange County district attorney's office for bodily harm and sequestration by threat, violence, fraud, and deception. In October 2020, he pleaded not guilty to charges dating from January 2020, and he is currently free, after several preliminary hearings. A fresh hearing will take place on April 27.

Justin Roiland is on the left, while Dan Harmon is on the right.

"Rick and Morty Will Go On," says the narrator...without Rick and Morty's voice.

In a quick statement, Adult Swim announced the conclusion of their collaboration with Roiland:

Justin Roiland was not just the creator and showrunner of Rick & Morty, he was also the one who dubbed the most voices in the series in the original version. He was also responsible for the voices of Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Ant-in-my-Eyes Johnson, The Eyehole Man, Stealy, and Mr Poopybutthole in particular.

Rick & Morty will be around for at least ten seasons!

Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith's relationship with the show isn't over, far from it! While the six first seasons have already been released, the seventh is currently in development. The seventh season is expected to last until the seventh season, since 70 episodes had been ordered in 2018, after the third season.

Justin Roiland is not unemployed either. Despite the charges against him, the animated series Solar Opposites has been renewed by Disney for a fourth and a sixth season. The animated series Koala Man was also renewed on Hulu two weeks ago. So it remains to be seen what Disney will decide regarding him for these two shows.

Netflix has released the first five seasons of Rick & Morty in France. Season 6 is currently available only on Adult Swim here.


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