Rainbow Six Siege: Will the Mkers qualify?

Rainbow Six Siege: Will the Mkers qualify? ...

The Mkers' victory in the Rainbow Six Siege Italian Cup, which saw its first edition close in November 2022, was just a taste of what the Italian organization will now have to complete to bring the tricolor flag back into the spotlight in the export arena: Will they be able to compete in the R6S Six Invitational?

After achieving historic status in the Six Invitational in 2021, the team is already well-known in Italy. Sasha "Sasha" Michelizzi is being replaced by Mario "Dora" Manzato and David "Sorry" Caprio, yet the results of Alessio "Aqui" Aquilano, Luigi "Gemini" Ferrigno and Lorenzo "Lollo" Masuccio will be felt.

The Closed Qualifier of the Six Invitational 2023 will begin on January 28th, or in just three days; i Russians of the Outsiders they are returning from a final at the Six Invitational 2022 in Paris, then lost against the TSM who, moreover, did not even qualify for the North American Closed Qualifier; and i Natus Vincere who are counting on the Italian Edoardo "T3b" Tregliaex MACKO Esports.

One ticket to Montreal is up for grabs, four fierce teams, and who will triumph?

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