Developers explain the disadvantage of the absence of backward compatibility in PlayStation VR2

Developers explain the disadvantage of the absence of backward compatibility in PlayStation VR2 ...

PlayStation VR2 does not support backwards compatibility with existing PSVR first generation games. This is not necessarily a disadvantage for developers, as it allows them to concentrate on the new hardware and its capabilities, which in turn benefits the players.

While several PSVR gamers have announced in recent weeks that their PSVR games would be upgraded for the PSVR2, the new virtual reality headset does not include any basic backward compatibility.

The 600-euro PSVR set-up is a pretty big deal since it operates differently and includes new capabilities. PSVR2 also supports a significantly higher resolution.

Enhance producer Mark MacDonald stated that he was really pleased that PSVR2 did not include anything like that.

"We're really thrilled because superficial things like resolution and framerate are very important in games like Tetris Effect: Connected and Rez Infinite, where syncing of sound and graphics and sharpness are a major part of the experience."

According to a Gamesindustry report, PSVR2 game designers intended to add quick ports to the hardware so owners of the new system could enjoy the games they already own on the original model.

New features are added to PSVR2 as well.

New PSVR2 features include significantly improved resolution and eye tracking with foveated rendering, which only needs to render full quality in the areas the player is looking at, which may result in an overall superior result.

The new Sense controller with touch recognition and inside-out tracking, which does not require an additional camera, is also included in the package of features. The same applies to the feedback from PSVR games.

It was also an opportunity for 17-Bit's CEO and Creative Director Jake Kazdal to work on the best PSVR version. The team previously had issues with the first generation of PlayStation VR, not least the outdated PlayStation Move controllers.

"We're able to exploit the hardware in ways we've never done before," says Kazdal.

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PlayStation VR2 will be released on February 22, 2023. Purchasing the hardware reduces the customer's account by at least 600 euros. For 50 euros more, players may purchase a bundle that includes the VR adventure "Horizon: Call of the Mountain," which was just released.

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