Steam has blocked a survival MMO and changed the fat content from the day before

Steam has blocked a survival MMO and changed the fat content from the day before ...

The Day Before should be released on PC on March 1st, 2023. However, nothing will be achieved from it. The reason for this postponement isn't the often cited polishing, but legal concerns. The Day Before is a game that has been tagged by Steam.

In the world of video games, legal battles are neither rare nor nice. The Day Before is a survival game developed by Fntastic. The publisher of the game has announced on Twitter that the game would be removed from Steam. The reason is a private person's complaint.

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The developer's claim says a private individual has secured the US Patent and Trademark Office's naming rights to The Day Before. Particularly dismal: That happened shortly after the announcement in January 2021. However, Fntastic claims that the name was still available when the title was presented.

Fntastic is currently working on ensuring that The Day Before can at least appear reliably on the new date.

This problem has triggered a delay in the release of the planned gameplay trailer. A longer video with tons of gameplay scenes was supposed to be released shortly, but this has now been postponed. It's a bad situation, and it's to be hoped that the designers may get things resolved quickly. The console versions are not explicitly mentioned, but should also be affected.

Exclusive 4K RTX ON Gameplay Reveal from The Day Before

The Day Before is scheduled to be released on March 1st, 2023. It features ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS 3! See all of the first RTX ON exclusive gameplay scenes with GeForce RTX.

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