Genshin Impact: Who will wear who and how to obtain a sword

Genshin Impact: Who will wear who and how to obtain a sword ...

The Armored Flower in Genshin Impact is a two-handed sword that will be available for a limited time as part of the Mondstadt Festival. Has a high basic attack and in the main stat has mastery of the elements. In addition, this stat increases along with attack power when the conditions of the passive effect are met.

In this article, we will discuss where to buy the Flower in Armor, who it is appropriate, and how to use it.

How to Get an Armored Flower in Genshin Impact

In the main event of update 3.5 – “Festival of Wind Flowers,” which takes place in Mondstadt, you’ll earn a festival-themed claymore. The patch is released on March 1, and the event may begin as early as March 2.

The Reran event weapons aren't included, so you may only acquire them during the event.

Characteristics of the Flower in Armor

A two-handed sword is a popular weapon of the time.


Basic Attack: 44-565

Elemental Mastery 24-110 is a new feature.

Passive: A secret language of wind and flowers. After a hit with an elemental skill or triggering a reaction, attack power increases by 12-24%, and elemental mastery increases by 48-96 points.

How to Make the Flower in Armor Shine and Resurrect It

Certain components and materials are required for a Flower in armor to be raised and pumped.

The total amount of materials:

Claymore must be awakened by a special item, such as Unfading Delicate Grace.

In the event store "Festival of Wind Flowers," it is issued free of charge for the exchange of flower coupons and holiday tickets. Since both currencies are also limited, it will be impossible to awaken the weapon later.

The function only affects the values specified in the passive effect. In the screenshot above, you can see the exact numbers for each awakening level.

In Genshin Impact, who suits the Flower in armor?

The two-hander can also increase his own damage or enhance other abilities by playing through reactions and gathering elemental mastery.

Due to a fairly high level of elemental proficiency, buffs are still available both by calling a reaction and by using an elemental skill.

The Flower in Armor is ideal for the following characters:

Bay Dou. Increases the ability of the weapon by a second, allowing her to invoke the Dispel reaction with ease. MC. Increases the ability of the weapon by a second, allowing her to invoke the elemental explosion with ease.

We identify three persons who prefer not to receive this weapon:

How Does Flower in Armor Work?

The flower in armor is used to slay an opponent with an elemental skill, or to inflict additional damage to the other members. Therefore, it is desirable to have characters from at least two different elements in the team, so that they may interact with each other and thus receive greater damage.

When using this weapon, you may experience the following:

Apply pocket skills that strike outside the battlefield. Switch to the claymore owner. Then use an elemental skill or deal elemental damage with any ability against an enemy that already has the status of another element. Repeat from step 1.

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