The Last of Us: This is why the violence in the television series has been modified

The Last of Us: This is why the violence in the television series has been modified ...

In several areas, for example the violence, which is different in the TV format, the producers had to deviate from the video game template.

The HBO series isn't a 1:1 adaptation of the 2013 video game blockbuster, but it's also a huge success as a video game.

In an extensive blog entry where producer Craig Mazin is quoted, Naughty Dog recently addressed the level of violence. Because on television, there is usually no rapid healing and the like.

“The other issue with the show where we had to do things differently than in the game is that it doesn't work quite that way on television,” Mazin said. “We can't just squat down, put bands on, and get well again.”

The behaviors of the characters may be altered.

Moving the game to a television format requires a change in choreography. Spectators do not need to be trained in combat or stealth mechanics like players do. They may also be altered to suit the purpose of a scene.

"We don't want Joel to sit there and say, 'Okay, that's going to happen now." Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog says it's critical to clarify what the mechanics are. Here's where we can say, okay, let's do it in a very cinematic manner, with no dialogue."

Joel places his finger to his mouth and points to the ear, tries to explain to Ellie why it is so important to be quiet, and then shows what happens when you aren't. That has become quite important.

The blog entry is primarily about the clickers' creation and how they were transferred to the series by the producers. You can see him here.

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The second episode of 'The Last of Us' started last Monday in Germany, while the first episode was able to attract more viewers in the following days, according to a previous message. In this country, 'The Last of Us' will be broadcast on Sky and WOW.

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