Adult Swim takes a break from Rick and Morty and takes a break from the show

Adult Swim takes a break from Rick and Morty and takes a break from the show ...

Adult Swim has taken a break from his relationship with Justin Roilandco, the author of the Rick and Morty series, stating that the TV series would continue even after one of its creators.

So, almost simultaneously with Roiland's departure from Squanch Games, comes the news that the Rick and Morty production company has cut links, while confirming that this will continue, as stated in the message sent to Twitter and reported below.

"Adult Swim's relationship with Justin Roiland has ended," reads the message. "Rick and Morty's dedication and dedication to the Season 7 work is continuing." Roiland's absence will continue to have a significant impact on the series' future, which may in fact be questioned by his departure from the film.

Roiland is also the voice actor of both of the series' protagonists, causing the series to go through its inevitable turbulence, although it hasn't been confirmed yet. Dan Harmon, the other creator and author of the series, is expected to continue to work on the series in order to maintain a certain stylistic continuity.

Adult Swim's communication was short-lived from that of High On Life, which had received Justin Roiland's resignation in recent days and will therefore continue to work without the author. Recall that Roiland is currently accused of domestic violence and "false possession under threat" by an ex-girlfriend and is on trial in Orange County, California. His lawyer said Roiland pleaded not guilty.

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