Where Was Fear (2123) Shot?

Where Was Fear (2123) Shot? ...

'Fear' (originally titled 'Don't Fear') is a horror film about a group of friends who decide to stay in a remote hilltop area at a historic lodge for the weekend. They gather around the bonfire outside the lodge to discuss the things they fear the most and uncover shocking facts about the lodge.

Joseph Sikora, Andrew Bachelor, Annie Ilonzeh, and Iddo Goldberg star in the horror film, which includes a creepy lodge as a backdrop, which makes one wonder where 'Fear' was actually shot.

Locations for Fear Filming

'Fear' was shot in California, specifically in Northern California. According to reports, the main photography for the Deon Taylor directorial began in July 2020 and culminated in August of the same year, following stringent guidelines and procedures on and off the set.

"The cast and crew had their coffee containers and you realize how simple things were prior to that." Deon said. "I had a COVID safety supervisor who managed and ensured all protocols and procedures were in place. And I had to find a lab that would deliver the test results around in that short window."

"The biggest component was making sure that everyone was not going to the casino or Lake Tahoe," he concluded, "But the hardest part was ensuring that everyone was not at danger on their day off." The other key component was trust and expecting everyone to isolate themselves and not do those things." Now, without further ado, let us take a look at all the specific websites where the group of friends meets their greatest fears!

California's Northern California and Northern California

The Strawberry Lodge, located at 17510 Highway 50 in Kyburz, is a historic hotel dating back to the nineteenth century, which is now closed.

Several of the scenes from the horror film were also taped outdoors in the surrounding areas of the lodge, including Strawberry, which is a census-designated place in California's Tuolumne County. Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America, is also a crucial production location as many actors and crew members were photographed there during the shooting process.

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