Greer Blitzers' controversies: The Bachelor contestant retaliates in a post

Greer Blitzers' controversies: The Bachelor contestant retaliates in a post ...

After receiving criticism for her previous comments about a Lamar High School student wearing blackface at a party, Zach Shallcross' first impression rose recipient Greer Blitzer became embroiled in controversy on Twitter. She apologized on her Instagram page after receiving criticism for her previous statements.

Greer Blitzer, who is 24 years old, has been criticized online for a previously unidentified blackface photo. His apologies have been shared on social media. In an interview, Zach explained why he chose Greer for the first impression of rose.

Greer Blitzer, a season 27 Bachelor candidate, wrote a letter to her Instagram Story on January 24 saying she was sorry to those I've hurt, particularly those who wore blackface. I'm sorry, not for the screenshots that have surfaced, but for the harmful opinions and behaviors I've always shared. These thoughts and behaviors do not reflect who I am today.

Greer Blitzer, the last cast member of The Bachelor Nation, was chastised online for an old blackface photo. He apologised in social media posts as well. On January 23, ABC's The Bachelor premiered its 27th season. Blitzer received her first impression of rose from bachelor Zach Shallcross. In an interview, Zach discussed his choice of Greer Blitzer. He planned 19 contestants from the 30 to proceed to the next phase of his Bachelor journey.

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