After 19 years of togetherness, Panic! At The Disco, Inc

After 19 years of togetherness, Panic! At The Disco, Inc ...

After 19 years of involvement, 'Panic!At The Disco' has decided to break up.

After all these years, Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco has stated that the group is coming together.

The band has since incorporated John Walker and Dalton Weekes.

Panic! has been essentially Urie's solo endeavor over the previous few years, as he has been the only regular band member other than the drummer and guitarist.

In a statement, Urie stated his intention to decry the band's dissolution, citing his wife Sarah Orzechowski's imminent fatherhood as a major factor. The band's next European tour will come to an end when the next one.

When Panicfirst! jumped on the scene as pop-punk contemporaries of artists like My Chemical Romance and Paramore, their work was quite melancholy, sometimes featuring Urie in extravagant, gothic clothes.

The band's first two major successes, I Write Sins Not Tragedies (which ranked at number 25 in the United Kingdom) and Nine In The Afternoon, are still well-known and well-known today (Number 13 peak).

On their 2018 album Pray For The Wicked, the band leaned towards maximalist pop-rock, which included their highest-charting single ever in the United Kingdom, High Hopes, which topped the Billboard charts.

Panic! at the Disco never had a top 10 album in the UK Top 10 charts, including five albums from 2008 that charted in the top ten: Too Weird to Live Too Rare to Die (peaked at #10), 2016's Death of a Bachelor (peaked at #2), and 2021's Viva Las Vengeance (peaked at #2).

Brendon Urie has been quiet about when he intends to begin writing new music, although he did go into solo territory after Praying For The Wicked by appearing on Taylor Swift's candy-coated Me!

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