In Season 3, an Overwatch 2 developer promises ultimate charge adjustments

In Season 3, an Overwatch 2 developer promises ultimate charge adjustments ...

As the second competitive season comes to an end, Overwatch 2 players are reporting problems, but designers have announced plans to address them in the next season 3.

Insbesondere, game designer Jared Neuss stated that his team is working on tweaking this aspect of the game.

When you upgrade to a new character, each hero role would receive a unique passive ability. For DPS heroes, they would retain up to 30% of their ultimate ability charge.

The purpose of this change was to stimulate counter-picking heroes, which is a key Overwatch strategy that sets it apart from other first-person shooter games. However, it also means that more DPS ultimate abilities are used per game on average.

Overwatch 2's passive ability for DPS heroes has also provided new opportunities for Tank players. Tanks must be more prepared and aware to counter these threats in order to protect their team.

Tanks now have the chance to play a larger role in the team's composition and strategy, thanks to the advent of an Off-Tank system.

Tanks must select the appropriate time to utilize their ultimate abilities due to the absence of a 30% ultimate charge bonus when they switch heroes.

Developer Jared Neuss and the Overwatch 2 team are actively working to improve the overall gaming experience in response to player feedback.

The project intends to improve player communication, including regular updates and announcements about development and balancing issues. These efforts aim to foster a more transparent and open relationship with the community while addressing the mixed reception the game has received since its release last October.

The team is committed to making changes and improvements to ensure that players have the best possible experience while playing Overwatch 2.

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