Characters who are always useful in Fire Emblem are engaged

Characters who are always useful in Fire Emblem are engaged ...

Okay, so we've already covered the best, most colorful, and most useful Fire Emblem Engage characters, but let's take a look at the ones that have some of the worst potential and least helpful tendencies. Maybe their talents hindered their efforts. Maybe one of them became the shining star in Fire Emblem Engage.

Anna isn't exactly the greatest player when it comes to making money. Her Make a Killing unique skill is dependent on her being the one to strike the fatal blow. That extra 500G isn't worth it.

On the Somniel, it's better to be safe at home.

Boucheron is someone who has the unfortunate fortune of being one of your first recruits. Lance users are fantastic, but you'll want a lance-user who has increased movement and a unique class, like Alfred. Or a lance-user who can also take a hit, like Louis.

He believes that having a large group of friends around him is essential to his Moved to Tears unique ability.

Etie isn't a terrible archer, but she has the misfortune of being in the same game as the far superior Alcryst and Fogado. Compared to two characters who have far superior starting abilities, she doesn't exactly stack up. Especially since you will probably only need two archers on a map.

Etie's Energized unique skill isn't particularly powerful, but it only grants her +2 Str whenever she uses a healing item.

Framme, imagine all of the things you might have done if Jean did not exist. He is the best attacker out there, and he is superior to you in every possible way. Also, you have a hyper-specific unique ability that only makes you useful if you are directly next to Alear throughout the whole battle.

Lindon joins far too late. By chapter 18, you've established who your best and most favorite mages and healers are. He's a good Sage, to be clear. His special ability, Weapon Insight, allows you to give him lower level weapons and still have him viable.

When I played for him, I just... didn't... have... room for him. I'm certain others will feel the same, given the chance he joins.

Okay, so the Jagen is absent from every Fire Emblem game. This is a character that is an Advanced class unit at the start of the game and is basically your ace-in-the-hole for the first few chapters while characters progress. You should try to keep your lower level characters from becoming too weak or injured.

Vander is Jagen from Fire Emblem Engage; he's awfully similar to Framme in that he's only useful if he's right next to Alear, as Alabaster Duty only grants a +5 Crit bonus to both when they fight alongside one another. (And even then, +5 Crit is nothing in this game.)

Vander, thanks for the encouragement in chapters 1 and 1.

The Nintendo Switch has now got Fire Emblem Engage.

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