The Last of Us: That's why the violence in the TV series was altered

The Last of Us: That's why the violence in the TV series was altered ...

In some areas, the filmmakers had to deviate from the video game template, like the violence, which works differently in the TV format.

"The Last of Us" is not only a video game sensation, but it's a television series that's a multibillion dollar success. What viewers should expect, however, is that the HBO series will not include the minor details nor the use of violence.

In an extensive blog entry in which producer Craig Mazin is quoted, Naughty Dog recently discussed the level of violence. Because television is usually void of quick healing or the like.

"We had to do things differently than in the game," Mazin said. "We can't just lay down, take dressings off, and get well again." Violence has a different effect. Small acts of violence do much more damage. And the damage lasts much longer or permanently."

The behaviors of the characters may be altered.

Moving the game to a television format also required a change in choreography. Spectators don't need to be trained in combat or stealth tactics like players do. And so, too, could the characters' behaviors be altered to better suit the scenes' objectives.

Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog says the game does not want Joel to just sat there and say, 'Okay, that's going to happen now.' In the game, we had to do that because we wanted to make sure all of the mechanics were clear. Here's where we can say, okay, let's do it in a very cinematic manner, without dialogue.

Joel places his finger to his mouth and points to the ear, tries to explain to Ellie why she must be quiet, and then shows what happens when you aren't. That's become extremely important.

The purpose of this blog entry is primarily to explain how the clickers were created and how they were later transferred to the series by the producers.

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The second episode of 'The Last of Us' began broadcasting on Sky and WOW last Monday, while the first episode was able to attract more viewers in the previous few days.

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