Yamato's cosplay is original and sporty in one piece

Yamato's cosplay is original and sporty in one piece ...

This one Yamato cosplay from yazbunnyywho represents one of the fighters who quickly became a household favorite in a decidedly unusual way.

Yamato was placed very late in the narrative arc of Here, but she has quickly risen to the top of the preference charts of many One Piece followers, who continue to advocate for the inclusion of the girl into the Straw Hat Crew.

Yamato, who is also a descendant of Emperor Kaido, is a very regal daughter, but her father has a rather difficult relationship that forces her to instead follow the samurai Kozuki Oden's footsteps, becoming his heir in all respects.

Yazbunnyy has already represented Yamato in the past, but in this case he clearly deviates from the character's traditional style to give a decidedly personal twist, while still maintaining the characteristics of base like the demonic horns on the head.

Tae Takemi of Xenon_ne from the Wednesday series, Makima from Faaaariii_ taken from Chainsaw Man, Lucy's cosplay from shirogane_sama from Cyberpunk 2077, and Marion's swimsuit cosplay from yazbunnyy from Dragon Ball.

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