TV, smartphones, SSD, connected accessories, and sales in 2023 The best offers of the 3rd markdown can be followed live

TV, smartphones, SSD, connected accessories, and sales in 2023 The best offers of the 3rd markdown c ...

Live Feed Sales 2023: TV, smartphones, SSD, connected accessories... The best offers of the third markdown can be followed live.

Published on 01/25/2023 at 07:00

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The winter sales have had their third markdown, and the amount of offers does not diminish for all of them. On the contrary, the price of smartphones, laptops, connected devices, and even video games continues to fall.

This morning marks the 3rd markdown of the winter sales. This year, the sales are expected to last a total of four weeks, so we are at an all-time low price. Don't miss out on this opportunity while supplies last.

The quantity of games on offer is staggering, whether for gaming with PC gamer screens, SSDs, audio headsets, PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch consoles, as well as smartphones and practical connected items such as watches, air purifiers...

As long as the legal framework is respected, everyone may participate in the 2023 winter sales.

At Fnac, the Nintendo Switch OLED with the free Zelda Skyward Sword HD game costs €319.99The Google Pixel 6a costs €330.89 instead of €259 on AmazonThe Logitech G502 gaming mouse costs €56.76 instead of €459.99 on AmazonThe UrbanGlide M8 electric bike is €1,799.99 instead of €922.18 at Rue du CommerceThe LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon costs €129.90 instead of €349.95 at Trade Street.

Which brands will be participating in the 2023 winter sales during the third markdown?

Fnac : a major player in both residential and high-tech, Darty is a must-see during these 2023 winter sales!E.Leclerc : a pioneer in online sales, Boulanger is a must-see spot for these 2023 winter sales!

JVTECH's editorial arm will keep an eye on the event. Whether the products are expensive or not, we will notify you of all of the greatest promotions that enter our editorial line; we will talk about them. You will therefore find in our columns the best advice on 4K TVs, smartphones, gaming PCs, bluetooth headphones, PC screens, SSDs, bonus gift cards, promo codes, and other items.

On the video game level, it will also be possible to obtain some titles for a bargain price, and we will tell you about them in due form! On the other hand, it is quite possible to get a few euros off the Nintendo Switcheven the OLED model!

Winter sales are down for the third time, so beware of internet scams!

Malicious people aim towards balances as a matter of fact for many years. This is why we believe it is helpful to raise your awareness again on this topic in order to prevent you from falling into the traps set. Because yes, certain things may appear obvious to you, but no one is immune!

When an offer seems too attractive, you must be extremely cautious in the first place! For example, if you discover the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max for half price... ask yourself whether or not this is a genuine offer. You are most likely to never receive your iPhone 14 Pro Max again, and you will certainly lose your money if it is offered for only 600€.

Before placing an order, be sure to read reviews and learn more about the seller who is selling the item. It is better to cancel a transaction than to risk being scammed. A small closed padlock should be visible to the left of the address bar.

Another common scam is likely to be transmitted directly on your smartphone: text messages telling you that your parcel is being held at the post office or at customs. Never click on a link included in this type of SMS or email! This is most often "phishing," a common practice used by scammers who only want to recover your password or bank details.

A new scam is becoming more and more widespread. A phone conversation in which your interlocutor will pretend to be a member of the DGCCRF (the repression of fraud) explaining to you that you have been victim of fraud and that you must cancel a banking transaction with the intent of seeing your current account empty.

On sales sites, use a complex and secure password, as well as letters, numbers, lowercase, uppercase, and special characters. Ideally, you should change your passwords regularly and never use the same one twice. If you have trouble remembering it, you may allow Google to remember it for you.

Do not hesitate to compare the price of the item you desire with that of other merchants, in order to obtain it at the lowest possible price. These will be monitored regularly. These will be trustworthy merchants and interesting promotions. Keep an eye on them!

Winter sales in 2023: Where to Find Us

What is the date of the winter sales in 2023?

The 2023 winter sales will begin on Wednesday January 11 at 8 a.m. and finish on Tuesday February 7 at 11:59 p.m.

Can we get a discount on the winter sales in 2023?

Winter sales can save you up to -70% off certain goods and equipment! On average, discounts on a range of 20 to 40% are available. In addition, if you have discount coupons aside, see gift cards obtained at Christmas, there is a way to get great price discounts on your favorite items during these winter sales 2023.

Which shops will be participating in the 2023 winter sales?

The most well-known brands are participating: Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, E.Leclerc, Shopping street, SFR, Sound-Video, Zavvi...

So, for these winter sales in 2023, you have the freedom to choose and can take advantage of the many discounts and reductions at all of these shops.

JV has selected certain products for you, and each purchase you make by clicking on one of these links will not cost you more, but the merchant site will pay you a commission. These prices are likely to vary at the sole discretion of the merchant site without JV being informed.

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