On Steam, players rated Forspoken almost everything

On Steam, players rated Forspoken almost everything ...

The release of fantasy role-playing action Players of the prophesiedand have already begun testing and evaluating the new adventure.

12 hours after the release of the project, Steam had a peak of 12,579 users. According to the graph, the number of viewers of Forspoken streams on Twitch significantly exceeds the number of players themselves.

Users left 542 reviews on Steam, of which 48% are positive. Game's performance issues, a bleak open world, clumsy animations, an unpredictable protagonist, undue restrictions on actions (for example, during a bracelet interaction) all came under fire.

Several players complained about the high price tag and the absence of a finished product. Potential buyers are advised not to spend money on other projects.

Despite its simplicity and repetitiveness, many users agree that parkour in Forspoken was enjoyable. The magical combat system also seems decent.

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