What Has Happened to the Cast of Port Protection?

What Has Happened to the Cast of Port Protection? ...

The very best places in the world can be found unimaginable beauty. The same holds true for the residents of the Port Protection community, a group of about 100 people who live in the northwestern area of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Without law enforcement, government supervision, and modern transportation, the locals rely on themselves to provide for themselves and live a life that is risky but beautiful in its own way.

National Geographic's 'Port Protection,' which first aired in 2015, has documented their lives extensively, leaving their followers wondering where they are today. We will go over the same thing and reveal what the show's cast is doing.

What Has Happened to Sam Carlson?

Sam Carlson, a senior cast member on the show, has spent more than 50 years in Port Protection, having spent most of his younger years there. Despite any official qualifications for the job, Sam does not appear to be a big fan of technology. As of writing, he seems to remain on the remote Alaskan island with his wife, who hasn't yet appeared on the program.

What Happened to Gary Muehlberger's Death?

The Alaskan State Troopers learned that Gary Muehlberger's house had been on fire on March 17, 2021. People in the area had no clue about him and assumed that he had passed away in the fire. On March 25, 2021, it was confirmed that human remains had been discovered at the location of the fire, furthering people's belief that the 75-year-old reality TV star had indeed died.

What Has Happened to Timothy "Curly" Leach?

Timothy "Curly" Leach, an established non-believer in the concept of money, appears to be enjoying his time in Port Protection. He is known for chopping trees in order to collect firewood.

What Has Happened to David Squibb?

David Squibb, a well-known wood-based entertainer, lives in Point Baker, Alaska, and is known to post lovely pictures of himself on his social media accounts. Both of them are known to enjoy fishing and spending time with their families.

What Has Happened to Mary Miller?

Mary Miller is often referred to as "The City Girl" because of her deep love for nature. This may or may not be related to the fact that her father owned a gun range. Additionally, Mary's family fishing excursions may or may not be related to her growing up.

What happened to Matt Carlson?

Matt Carlson, the son of Sam Carlson, has spent a substantial portion of his life in Port Protection. He had previously lived on the Alaskan island with his partner(once fiancée) Kaylee Burk and his daughter Shipley. During his time on the mainland, Matt was apparently living in Ketchikan, Alaska, and was a captain at Baranof Fishing Excursions. He was prepared to face the challenge and embrace his roots.

What Has Happened to Dan Nachtrab?

Dan Nachtrab, a prolific voice artist, has been the narration for several episodes of 'Port Protection.' His experience is nothing short of impressive, having received an Emmy nomination.

What Has Happened to Jeffrey Johnson?

Jeffrey Johnson is well-known for his roles in 'Letters to God,' 'Lovecraft Country,' and 'Casting The Net.' Additionally, he is an ordained minister who has officiated twelve weddings for NSC on many occasions.

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