Do Jen and Jizzlord End Up Together in an Extraordinary Pair?

Do Jen and Jizzlord End Up Together in an Extraordinary Pair? ...

Emma Moran's 'Extraordinary' is a superhero comedy series based in a world where most people have no special ability. Jen is an ordinary young woman who finds joy in meeting Jizzlord. The duo inadvertently grows close to each other. Therefore, you must be looking for information on Jen and Jizzlord's romantic future in 'Extraordinary.'

What Happens Between Jen and Jizzlord?

Jen is the protagonist of 'Extraordinary,' where actress Máiréad Tyers ('Belfast') plays the character. Jen wants to find a stable job, but no one wants to hire her because she is powerless. After an unsuccessful job interview, the stray cat returns to his human form. Jizzlord is played by actor Luke Rollason ('Industry.'

Jen assists Jizzlord in his learning of living as a regular human. During the journey, the duo learns that Jizzlord is a cat named Hercule, which was previously owned by David. Jizzlord was successful in cat competitions and won several awards. Jen hopes to use the money to pay for Jen's treatment at the Clinic and discover her power.

Do Jen and Jizzlord End Their Relationship?

Jizzlord dives head first into pursuing a romantic relationship with Jen in the season finale. Jen is unsure that a relationship with Jizzlord would last for the time being due to his mysterious past. However, after seeing Jen with Jizzlord, Luke tries to woo Jen.

Jen abandons Luke and chases after Jizzlord, claiming her affection for him to a stray cat. Fortunately, Jizzlord hears Jen's words and the two kiss.

Jizzlord and Jen meet in the end, and they share a great connection. However, Jizzlord's mysterious past and Jen's quest to discover her power might jeopardize their relationship. According to the mid-credits scene of the season finale, Jizzlord was married and had a child before he became a cat.

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