Is Chandra still dating Naeem from Love Without Borders?

Is Chandra still dating Naeem from Love Without Borders? ...

Naeem Thompson and Chandra Chugani, a Houston social worker, left his mother's house in order to meet his potential forever partner Chandra Chugani in Panama, Central America. However, love is known to always find its way. Let's find out.

Chandra and Naeem's Love Without Borders Journey

Naeem Thompson was a bit apprehensive about meeting Chandra in Central America's transcontinental country, but decided to give her flowers for the first time. Chandra was everything he could hoped for, and the pair began to arguing over several things.

Chandra felt he pushed it too far with his silly behavior, which became borderline irritating for her. She made the terrible decision of not inviting him to her family's Thanksgiving dinner when he was there.

Enrique reportedly spent the night with Chandra! Chandra became quite upset after learning through her cousins that Naeem was still using dating apps. It was only because her ex-boyfriend was involved that he came to terms with their relationship. Let's find out.

Is Chandra still married to Naeem?

No, Chandra and Naeem are not together. Naeem has returned to his Texas hometown where he continues to practice as a psychotherapist and emotional coach. According to reports, Naeem made up his mind after the whole ex incident when he reportedly stated, "What am I doing here?"

Chandra neglected to disclose what she believed in her relationship. She blatantly told Naeem that she was "nothing" and "just somebody she lived with." She is also busy launching Chugani's Boutique, a health and wellness business that specializes in perfumes.

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