Is Danna still married to Brian from Love Without Borders?

Is Danna still married to Brian from Love Without Borders? ...

Season 1 of 'Love Without Borders' introduced musician Danna Richards to Galway, Ireland, to meet her prospective husband, Brian Dilleen, an ethical farmer and owner of Mad Yolk Farms. However, did they survive the cameras? Let's find out.

Danna and Brian's Love Without Borders Journey

Danna felt uncomfortable at first, but all her doubts faded once she met Brian Dilleen, who she instantly fell in love with. He reassured her that she would return early. Even though he prefers to sleep "commando," he chose to keep his red undies on.

Brian decided to get up and enjoy his new lover's breakfast alone the next morning. Danna also told him she could eschew night cuddles and farm life as soon as she learned of her real age.

Danna expressed great worry that her 38th birthday might jeopardize his plans for raising kids. Brian admitted that he desired someone who would be able to easily adapt to his farm life and navigate better his chickens! Let's find out.

Is Danna still married to Brian?

Danna and Brian's social media platforms reveal that they are no longer dating and that she may be returning to the United States. She also bought a new van and is ready to embark on the next adventure of her life with her music on one side and her hunger for adventure on the other.

Brian is focusing on his ethical farm and spending his days with his favorite chickens, and we wish them all the best.

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