Is Accused Episode 2 a True Story? Is Ava a Real Surrogate?

Is Accused Episode 2 a True Story? Is Ava a Real Surrogate? ...

'Accused,' a Fox anthology series, follows the story of a woman named Ava. She is the surrogate mother of Jenny and Max's baby, and things go smoothly until it is revealed that she is deaf. The show uses this scenario to illustrate the difficulties and responsibilities of everyone involved in a surrogate pregnancy.

Is Ava a Real Surrogate?

The 'Accused' 'Ava' Story' isn't directly related to a real story, although it appears to be inspired by real situations where a surrogate has kidnapped a child for many reasons. Mary Beth Whitehead was made their surrogate and egg donor in 1985. They agreed to keep her informed of the baby's progress.

Mary Beth admitted to the Sterns that she was struggling with her emotions. Knowing how difficult things can be in such situations, the couple decided to let her be with the child for a few days. However, when it came time to return the baby to the Sterns, she fled to Florida.

Ava's case appears to be the same. She admits that she's been battling with Jenny and Max's kidnapping of Lucie. Later, however, we discover that her intention was different from Mary Beth's, who reportedly threatened to harm the baby if the Sterns backed off. For Ava, preserving Lucie's father was the only strategy to keep her safe.

Crystal became a surrogate for a couple in New York in 2011. Crystal's two frozen embryos were transferred to Crystal. The couple understood that the surrogate was extremely helpful and considerate. However, on the day of her 21-week scan, she learned that the child would have health problems, including a cleft palate and a cyst in the brain.

Crystal agreed to have the child born if the couple refused to pay the baby's weight. Soon after, the father waived his rights and Crystal found "wonderful, fantastic people" who adopted the child.

Crystal's story does appear to have some similarities to Ava's, but it's unresolved whether the writers intended to bash it on her. However, it's clear that they were inspired by situations like this to depict a realistic picture of the experiences of individuals who undergo surrogacies that fail to fulfill their expectations.

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