Kanye West is backed by fans after he has pleaded with the paparazzi to stop recording him

Kanye West is backed by fans after he has pleaded with the paparazzi to stop recording him ...

After begs a paparazzi to stop filming him while he was caught crossing the streets of Los Angeles, Kanye West gained the support of social media users.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about the process.

Kanye West was last seen by a paparazzi while he was out with his new wife, Bianca Censori-West, in West Hollywood, California.

Affirmatively, the disgraced rapper was reportedly ejected by the media staff to stop recording and photographing him.

A freelance photojournalist has apparently shot the video. The couple is said to be about to enter a car that was apparently parked outside a tanning shop.

The reporter is seen congratulating West on his recent alleged marriage to Censori.

Despite West's actions, the journalist appears to be outraged.

'Just stop! Bro, please stop!' says the rapper of Donda.

In addition, West confronts the paparazzi for invading his quarters for profit in the video.

The paparazzi also advised the Gold Digger singer that he has stopped filming, but he continued to document their altercation, and he released the report.

According to reports, West proposed with Censori in an intimate ceremony this month.

After a video of Kanye West confronting a reporter went viral on social media, many internet users defended him.

Several users expressed sympathy for the irritated singer, claiming that the singer was indeed a "invasion of privacy," and that the West was being "harassed."

The users stressed the importance of mental health while urging media outlets to respect him.

'I'm really proud of Ye.' A user wrote, 'I know this must be a very difficult situation to be in.'

'I don't think I'd walk anywhere without someone having a camera in your face,' they continued, adding, "I don't believe I could live that lifestyle." "I'm proud of him for having a real conversation with this guy."

'This seems like a fair and reasonable transaction,' a different user said. Give him a percentage of what you get, and you're all set.'

'He's fed up, and I understand,' another fan replied.

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